De Sortis product quality is guaranteed by a constant quality control in compliance with legal parameters settled by the legislation and by production rules. Highly qualified staff carries out strict checks throughout each individual phase of the production process:

• Hygiene check of the tank used for the raw material transport
• Chemical/physical/microbiological analysis
• Mycotoxins analysis (aflatoxins, ochratoxin, Don)
• Semi-finished products (humidity control during the drying phase)
• Finished product
• Product packed in strict compliance with the hygienic and sanitary standards (HACCP).


A very important aspect of the alimentary safeness is the "traceability" - defined by the EU 178/2002 regulation as "the possibility to trace and rebuild the whole pathway of a food". De Sortis knows the source of each individual bag of pasta.
In fact, the production has been computerized in order to get a perfect traceability of all the “footprints”, of all the documents collected by the several operators involved in the production process, from the raw material up to the finished product and vice versa.
In none of De Sortis products are used GMOs (Genetically modified organisms).

tracciabilità pastificio de Sortis


The safeness of the system and of the product is a set of rules and procedures and the recognition of the entrepreneurial skills of a company which has been able to optimize its own organization, acquiring the appropriate equipments and the adequate skills in order to achieve the most high quality standards; it is a guarantee of reliability for clients and for final customers, too.
All the above is highlighted in our prestigious certifications: BRC, IFS, ORGANIC issued by Icea certification body, KOSHER.
Certifications which are renewed, after audits in the factory, by the certification bodies in charge for checks.

Quality everywhere

Accurate checks are carried out before and during the loading operations up to deliveries to clients' stores.
Along with his logistic partners, De Sortis has created a perfect and efficient system which combines the optimization of loads with punctuality of deliveries in Italy, in Europe and worldwide.

De Sortis deliver